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Dee sent me this video.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.
Song of Solomon 1:2

Tryin to have your back

So, Dee and I had an argument based on a video from Dee’s past that is posted online. I told him that it should be removed bc I didn’t feel it represented who he currently is and it could affect his future engagements. He is applying for an important position and I felt as well that it could lead to people basing their opinion of his character on that video. Boy was he upset!

He said that he didn’t want to hide or be ashamed of who he is or where he came from. Long story short, I get it. His past has made him who he is. He is a hard working honourable man. I think that just seeing and hearing the horror stories of how many people are judged, crucified, rediculed or even fired based on past photos and videos concerned me. Btw, his video is clean, no swearing, no violence, no illegal or offensive material for those that are curious.

Wasn’t tryin’ to offend or insult you, just looking out you.

I guess this is the hard part of relationships sometimes, how to express concern without offending you partner.

#Fastogether Day 1

Today Sue and myself joined 100’s maybe 1,000’s around the world in a Fast, a Daniel Fast to be specific. Here’s the page of the group that Dee, ran across

and we started exactly today at 11:32 am.  We spent the the last hour(11:11pm-12:12) reading scripture and just regular conversation about our experience today and what Daniel really did.. 

I found a poem in a document about the fast and here is it..

Dare to be a Daniel, Dare to stand alone! Dare to have a purpose firm!
Dare to make it known. Author: Philip P. Bliss 

Here are a few quotes from us today..

Sue says, “There’s a self awareness that takes place, because we go through the motions of our lives, without any thought, conscious thought, this really allows us to stop and focus, right? … we have to stop and think about the food we put into our bodies”    

Dee says, “That fasting is always a special experience that draws God closer to you, he knows every hair on our head and knows the difficulty we have by fasting, his Son, Jesus did so for 40 days without water or food, so God knows, what the body goes through.”  I’m feel very responsible to Sue because shes going along with me and giving it her best and I want to make sure that while she is denying certain physical food, shes giving spiritual food.

O is for Ours

Today, we shared Our lunch. Sue provided some fish and I brought over some Lamb Chops that I made and was very proud of, and really wanted her to taste. (Too bad she poured Ketchup all over it) When she got up, I put a piece of my fish on her plate when she wasn’t looking, she gave me more cause she had lamp chop)

Later on we Walked through the lights of City Hall (Instead of our plan to go the opposite direction, I decided to go towards the more festival part of town to enjoy the lights) after we walked past them, we turned around to appreciate them.  Then we met the famous hotdog guy in front of City Hall and he asked Sue if I “was a good guy?” (even though when he met my mother, I have him on video saying how much of a good guy I was). Sue said “Yes” 

We went to the Sheraton, where I made her laugh harder then she ever laughed in her life.  


Dee and Sue at the Sheraton Hotel, Downtown Toronto

We then walked past a gift store in the hotel that had some watch boxes in the window that Sue commented, “Look at those boxes, I need one..”  I grabbed Sue’s hand and stormed in and started to ask if I could buy one (These boxes come with watches, and are sold together) The man calls for his wife and introduces her as May, I then introduce Sue to her as June! She agrees to sell us one! For $10.00, I offer her $5.00 and she agrees.. and Sue and I were reminded to never assume anything and never be afraid to ask… the worst they can say is no..  I added later.. After you ask, and receive a yes, never be afraid to ask for the best” 

We went over to Tim Hortons and got a couple coffees and Sue didn’t like hers and I went up and got 2 fresh cups.. Remember folks, never accept not being happy or satisfied. .. you deserve it.

We Kissed and said goodbye and I talked to her on the phone all the way home.


Keep the light on..we won’t let those responsible get away #followblacklove (Taken with Instagram)

Keep the light on..we won’t let those responsible get away #followblacklove (Taken with Instagram)

One year together celebration- slow dance of the day Miguel sure thing (Taken with Instagram)

One year together celebration- slow dance of the day Miguel sure thing (Taken with Instagram)